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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  May 1, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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a car riddled by bullets in a quiet san francisco neighborhood. the 15-year-old boy behind the wheel was killed. it was a car to car shooting. we have learned there was a passenger in that car. the witness told us he and the driver were brothers. good evening. >> the coroner hasn't released the 15-year-old shooting victim. we are not sure if he was licensed to drive. in the outer sunset neighborhood we have live team coverage. amber spoke to witnesses who are stunned. >> reporter: frank, we are at sunset and laughton. the driver was shot a block up from here. tonight neighbor and witnesses
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tell me they can't believe this happened here. >> this is a suburban community ever san francisco, but the reality is this can sprea anywhere. >> the quiet tranquility shattered. what he thought was fire crackers. >> continuous, something like 5 shooting. >> 5 shots? >> yes. >> reporter: a witnessed asked not to be identified, said there was a white pontiac when a dark blue 4 door sedan pulled up and fired several shots hitting the 15-year-old driver. >> he may have been targeted. we don't see this as a random act. >> the white pontiac traveled another block before stopping.
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the passenger, a 16-year-old takes over the wheel and drives into on coming traffic forcing an ambulance to stop. they pulled the wounded out of the car. the victim was coherent. it was his brother. the brother was distraught. the victim was calm as the ambulance tried to help. the boy was taken to the hospital where he died. >> i was pretty upset thinking i could have been walking by as it was happening with my son. i don't know. we chose to raise our family here. it is upsetting that there is a shooting a shooting block away. >> this is alarming. >> reporter: there have been burglary and an armed robbery. it is giving them pause. >> i grew up here. i don't want to have to move,
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but i don't want my son in a neighborhood where things like this can happen. >> the 16-year-old was not injured. police are tight lipped about the investigation. the victim is not from san francisco. police have not released information. >> amber lee, thank you. a fire at a homeless encampment started around 8:30 at they camp beneath interstate 580. the flames burned a dozen camps. there are no reporters of injuries. investigators are trying to determine the cause. a second juvenile has been arrested in the bart train robbery. they hopped the fair gates.
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one teen was spotted during a street robbery in oakland friday. the boy was arrested following a chase. he was connected to the bart robbery. he is in custody. another suspect arrested last week has been released. the fate of the man accused of killing morgan hill teenager will rest in the hands of a jury. ktvu is in san jose with what is next. >> reporter: frank, the trial lasted 3 months. the body has never been found. the prosecution relying on dna evidence. they are stating she could still be alive. 5 years after she disappeared jurors are going to decide what will happen to the killing.
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>> the decision they have to make is whether sierra could still be alive. >> reporter: neither the prosecution nor the defense have left a stone unturned without a body building evidence with dna found on her clothing, her hair on a rope in the trunk of his car. >> each singular piece of evidence can be explained. the only reasonable explanation is that mr. garcia torres is responsible for her death. >> going after sierra's character suggesting she ran away. >> she didn't runaway. we have evidence to prove that. he doesn't know her well. our evidence said she was in his car. why? >> they have spent years looking for sierra. nay are confident he will be
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found guilty. >> just because we haven't found her body doesn't prove that. >> there are other kidnapping charges from 2009. it came from her mother who said the 15-year-old would never runaway and had no means to support herself. >> i can't imagine the pain for the lamars, for their friends and family. >> jurors have to base the decision on the law and evidence as family and friends wait to see if justice will be served. a legal expert expects a long deliberation process. if they found him guilty it will move to the penalty phase. that could take weeks. he is facing the death penalty.
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>> what is torres like? >> he is clean shaven, wearing a suit. he is very attentive. he would take notes. he did not look back at the audience when i was there, but he seems as though he is focused on this trial. what will happen, remains to be seen. >> all right. in the south bay, thank you. to the may day rallies across the country. marchs have been peaceful but there was trouble in other parts of the country. portland there were malitaff cocktails thrown. some were arrested in seattle and washington. >> in san jose the theme was
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build bridges not walls. organizers say this was the largest turnout for may day in an jose san jose in years. others showing support for immigrant right and deportation efforts. the crowd marched up market street for a rally. ktvu with the message they cent along the way. this may day to a beat all their own about 3,000 people marched up market street. they are honoring worker's rights. 14-year-old karen sanchez skipped school to be here. >> i mean without them america will not be great.
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>> may day traditionally celebrated by other advocates. >> people are scared. they don't want to talk. they don't want to come out to protests. they are afraid they will be criminalized. >> no ban. no ball. aimed as what is high immigration policies. >> we are organized. >> the most important thing is we are accepted. i come from a family of immigrants. >> born in the u.s. the 7 brothers are from new mexico. all have successful careers. >> our families come to this country to make a difference. there are many of us here that are proving that. >> together united they can
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make a difference within the united states especially for future generations. several may day events took place in the east bay. hundreds of people took to the streets in oakland to show support for immigrant rights. they marched along international boulevard. there are no reports of any arrests. 4 people were arrested on suspicion of trespassing. several protestors blocked the entrance. they called on county supervisors. they stopped cooperating with immigration officials. improving safety after 36 people were killed.
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we asked if changes were coming. >> fire inspectors in oakland and a year from now it will triple the number. >> it warmed up 8 degrees. in the 90s. warm again and hot depending where you are. later changes to federal standards for school nutrition. rules are being rolled back by the trump administration. woah, okay. not that much. the all new bacon gouda burger from denny's. it's classy.
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a fire in concord damaged sheds. it started shortly after 3:30. they had the situation under control in 20 minutes. investigators are trying to determine how the fire started. >> promise of change for the better after 36 people died. they promise to improve safety. >> sitting down with the mayor to see what has been done to prevent another tragedy. >> the mayor told me the city is hiring more fire inspectors to get city workers to communicate better about problem properties. more work needs to be done in the name of safety. 5 days after 36 people died in the warehouse fire, the mayor
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is creating a task force. >> my priorities are enhanced building safety, event safety and complaint procedures. >> i asked her who is on the task force and what has been done. >> it is people throughout the city organization. from my office to the building department, fire department, the city attorney's office. we needed everyone at the table. >> she said the task force has taken steps in hopes of preventing another tragedy. >> we have initiated the hiring to double fire inspectors in oakland and even a year from now it will triple the number. >> to boost staffing the city will charge property owners
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$330 an hour, double the fee. >> that is a small price for safety. >> it will allow different safety measures for properties that didn't happen with the ghost ship. the city is designing an app to connect to the county assessor's office and calls for service. >> to share information about a single property is critical. we now have technology that allows us to do this. >> it will take time. >> all of this could have been done before. >> mary is an attorney representing families of victims. the task force is a step in the right direction. it is too late for her clients. >> they were supposed to do inspections on buildings. it wasn't done.
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>> taking care of what we call low hanging fruit like fire exting extinguishers. >> we have pretty sweeping changes to the building code for the work we have seen. >> those changes could involve sprinklers, retro fits and communal spaces. oakland police have taken action. officers have to report illegal parties or cabarets. >> going and moving forward through our chain of command to the city service. >> the task force work isn't done. >> we are looking at giving our inspectors the ability to write
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tickets on the spot instead of the property lean process. >> the city wants to reach out to tenants as part of the inspection process. >> it is frustrating for people to not know what the status is when legally we have always been r quires to communicate with property owners. >> getting access to buildings when no one will open the door. >> it is a good way to have follow through and make sure it does happen. >> the mayor will follow through with hiring fire inspectors. it is all on the wish list. she is confident it will go through. >> how many inspectors do they have? how many do they snpt
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>> 6. they want to double the 6 in 6 months and triple it around 18 in a year. >> is the ghost ship warehouse still there? >> it is not cleared yet. >> thanks. air bnb is settling a legal battle with efforts to expand and go public. they have agreed with san francisco to be more transparent. another home sharing company, home away reached a settlement. more on the deal coming up on the 11:00 news. stacks were higher today. >> thanks in large part to tech companies. apple shares boosted the nasdaq
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to a new record at 6091. the earnings will be released tomorrow. new at 10:00 america's oldest italian restaurant, opened may 1st, 1886 and operated in 6 locations. it moved in the historic san remo hotel. it has photos on the walls. patrons can order a special meal all this month as part of the celebration. it was pretty warm. tomorrow will be another warm day. to the north of us it is significant. look at what is going on with
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in the atmospheric river. we are on the south end at least for the next 24 hours. we have sinking air, warming air. they are north, northwest winds. they should turn around. temperatures, look how warm it is, 74 in concord. it's late. 10:20, 70 degrees. these are 10, 11 degrees warmer than last night. tomorrow you will wake up warming. beautiful night to be in san francisco. temperatures in the mid-and upper 60s. tomorrow as we go through the day the fog is offshore. forecast highs represent 90. lots of heat all the way to the coast as warm as it was today. >> new numbers from the sierra.
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a warning about flooding. all that snow is melting. >> the giants had a tall order in l.a. facing the dodgers star pitcher clayton kershaw. >> why may day is important right now.
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tempers boiled over in new york city at union square in manhattan. immigration rights supporters were involved in several fights with supporters of president trump. the first of may is a day of protest for workers and labor groups for more than a century. >> demonstrators say this year
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is different. >> it may be some of my friends say how many times do you think about being undocumented? >> she has liveed in oakland since she was 4. she is one of the 11 million who lives in the u.s. illegally. >> we are fearful. we are fearful to take our children to school. there is a lot of talk of if you come out here you will be deported. >> in spite of that fear she is speaking out and protesting on may day knowing she risks being sent back to mexico. >> we are willing to put our body on the line. >> president trump signed an executive order expanding the pool on undocumented immigrants who are priorities for
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deportation. it has made many reluctant to act. in los angeles there has been a 25 percent drop in sexual assault from latinos. since january last year. experts trace it to a fear of deportation. salazar says the trend is happening here to. >> we have known of cases where there are women who have tried to report an incident and have ended up in a detention center. >> they can't with hold federal money from santuary cities. based on federal immigration authorities.
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immigrant families are part of san francisco's dna. sf will support these family and work to keep them safe. the act of protest is the only way the country will change. >> it is present important we shed light on the story. >> it isn't over accord together president who will appeal his case to the u.s. supreme court. in oakland. ktvu, fox 2 news. we have more on 9 may day rallies including video on the front page. >> coming up, washington repealing obamacare. it could go to a vote later this week. an apartment torn down with a tenant? there. the lawsuit just filed.
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repealing and replacing obamacare. trump is calling on law makers to vote on the health care bill before they break next week.
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fox reporter says it is not clear if there are votes to pass it. >> the opinions plan to replace and repeal obamacare. >> we will repeal obamacare and give the american people the ability to purchase insurance they want not what is dictated. >> conditions will be in the plan despite democrats claiming otherwise. >> we will have a great plan or i am not signing it. let obamacare die. >> not all republicans are on board. jim jordan is letting democrats dictate health care. >> no money for planned
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parenthood or the wall. >> even so the budget director has a message for on the fence conservatives and the spending bill. >> to my republican friends, you should vote for the bill. >> the health care bill could significantly reduce the chances of it being replaced. the president said the money could be ear marked for highway construction. the 12 sent per gallon increase will take effect in november. vehicle registration fees are going up in january. the tax will raise 52 $52
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billion over 10 years. mark zuckerberg may contemplate a run for president. he had dinner with a family in ohio who were democrats who voted for trump. zuckerberg wants to visit all 50 state this year. he could possibly run in 2020. >> the water supply is twice the water content of average. as the weather warms up, it could flood downstream. they are trying to make room for all that water.
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>> reporter: most reservoirs are almost full. they have more snow pack than they could hold. >> the runoff, we will have 2 and a half times over average runoff. it's a lot of water. >> dam operators must perform a delicate balancing act to catch and release. releasing enough to avoid over flow. the commanche dam. >> we have been releasing for many months. >> it is the equivalent of 4 big rigs every second. it spells danger in the populated valley.
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>> the reservoirs feed into the river channel. >> it comes in the form of rain and snow melts quickly. >> we are getting faster runoff events causing problems for the levee system and levees being topped and dams facing structural damages. >> between fresno and bakersfield is working 24-7 to raise the levees. >> now at 10:00 oakland is making sure kids can go to school. there was a community meeting because of a loss of $2 million in state funding that they were
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forced to end their contract with transit. they pay ac transit extra even though students pay individual fares to ride. >> she may not get to school on time. there are letters of truancy. students should not be pennallized for not being able to get to school on time if it is a hard ship to get to school. >> middle schools served by the bus line would be affected. so far the two sides are still far apart. changes in the school lunch line. school meals being rolled back.
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hot tomorrow. forecast highs and the long range forecast with a cool down. a deadly shooting in san diego at a pool party. why the shooter was distraught.
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stabbed students at the university of texas. a student saw the suspect walk up to the person behind her grab his shoulder and stan him with no warning. friends of the suspect say he is a biology major. no word on a motive. in san diego a gunman was distraught over a break up. others are concerned it was race related. one person was killed and 6 were wounded in a 49-year-old opened fire at a pool side birthday party. most of the victims were black, one was latino, one was white. there were calls for an investigation of the shooter's
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background. there is zero evidence it was a hate crime. they said he was upset about the break up. >> >> they stayed on the phone while he fired. he wanted his exgirlfriend to listen in as he went on his rampage. >> he pointed his gun at officers. two victims are still in critical condition. >> police are investigating the use of a cell phone useed in a bathroom. he worked at jersey joe. a woman eating at the restaurant found it saturday
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night. the video captured two women and 4 children. he was arrested and booked into county jail. concerns about sewage in a bay area reservoir that may have been contaminated. we have the forecast and how long the warm weather will last.
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at least 15 people have been killed after a series of major storms in the south from texas to tennessee. the national weather service says there is a threat of more flooding in those states until mid-week. state officials say millions of gallons of sewage may have leaked into nearby creeks. according to the sacramento bee there was waste water being stored. with waste ponds full they sprayed waste water on fields that went into the lake. it provides drinking water into
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vallejo. the water is treated. the new secretary of ag culture is rolling back guidelines for school lunches. >> according to today's announcement sony purdue he would make school meals great again. sodium, whole grains, and milk. a new voice for students, sony purdue, the secretary of ag culture. >> we are trying to keep it safe and nutrition. >> he signed his first proclamation announcing 3 change to usda school guidelines.
10:46 pm
schools can receive exemptions for not serving whole grains. 1200 milligrams to meal to 930 milligrams. and schools can serve chocolate milk. food is wasted when children don't like what is served. >> they tell the cafeteria workers what they like. they see what goes in the trash. it is symbolic. it is dealing with a constituent. >> it is more about funding levels. >> the government gives you $3 for a school lunch. you can't go through a drive through for $3. >> a team that cook and delivers 1400 school lunches a
10:47 pm
day for private and public schools like piedmont and berkeley. it contains 530 milligrams of sodium. fresh foods cost more, 5- dollars per lunch. some students say their schools offer lunch. >> they have hamburgers and pizza and stuff. >> many parents say they prefer schools offer fresh foods. >> my son likes there are more options like fruit and salads. >> the previous guidelines had to cut sodium levels in half. they want children to eat less per day. they want to develop healthy menus that appeal to children. >> thank you. we spoke about the severe
10:48 pm
weather in the nation's mid- section. now it will continue. you can see there is a big spinner here. eastern sea board stuff. the next few days will be fed into this area with potent atmosphere. if you are traveling to chicago, dallas, atlanta, pay attention. they have more severe weather. this is some of that weather. it will push through here. we stay high and dry. there is a big ridge of high pressure. it is warm out there now. temperatures in the 50s and 70s. it's warm out there. we have 60s in san francisco. it is a beautiful night in san
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francisco. mostly clear. san jose mostly clear. in the afternoon upper 70s it will be a warm day in the 90s. so the forecast model waiting for the fog to come back. tomorrow it is off shore. it starts to push. here comes the fog. fog at the coast. we cool off a little. not a big cool down. it will bleed into the bay. tomorrow another warm one. 92 in napa. hot day, warm day. warmer by a degree or two.
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87 in san jose, that my friends is very warm. the long range forecast high pressure breaks down. we could see a sprinkle in here saturday. did is an unusual year to have it flip flop. we are in may now. this is our dry, warm season. next few days dry and warm. >> thanks. coming up on the 11:00 news, what happened to sierra lamar. the trial coming to an end. closing arguments tomorrow. in sports giants use the long ball to go up against clayton kershaw.
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all right. the giants have been struggling but not tonight and facing one of the best pitchers in baseball. >> he has had rough luck in post season but he owns the
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giants. clayton kershaw gives up 4 runs, which is a terrible game for him. it is about time they hit home runs. 7 for 7 for pence. all of them singles. 2-run shot gets them going. social media, talk radio, what is with buster posey's power stroke? in the 5th inning no issues with this guy. arroyo conditions to pelt two more hits. gives johnny cueto the lead. the giants have a 4-2 lead and 4-3 is the final. the giants comes through.
10:55 pm
cueto with the win. he is 4 and 1. not saying this is going to happen but look out. it could. everyone assumes the spurs and warriors in the western conference finals. look at the rockets, not sure who that is on james harden's shirt. i think we found him. the woman next to him is not amused. pretty much over in the 1st quarter. he changed out of that out fit. 50 threes. 14 assists. between the legs. 20 points, 13 reupon rebounds, complete blowout.
10:56 pm
nene was ejected. technical issued. for the game not a content. 126-99 and the rockets lead the series over the spurs. it is lebron's world. taking the beating. the open court right here. this is something to see, khyri irving flying in. you have to see that in. left hand. 35 points. pumped up a little bit. khyri can pass and dribble and khyri can shoot. 24 points tonight. 116-105. lebron went over and thought about a sip of beer. 116-105. cavs lead 1-0. warriors play utah, you can't help but wonder what is the deal with steve
10:57 pm
kerr the way things have turned out. steve is definitely out indefinitely. the team is getting ready to face the jazz at the oracle tomorrow night without their head coach. steve brown will take over. the team has pretty much made it their mind set they will not think about where and when their leader will get back. >> we are ready but we will approach this entire thing that steve isn't coming back. until we here otherwise. we hear otherwise it is easier to adjust as opposed to playing with your mentor, when is he coming back? it's too much. >> popularity. meantime when you have a week in between games there is a lot of crazy talk about different things like the warriors were
10:58 pm
hoping the clippers would win so they have a better night life than in salt lake city. night life should be the last thing you are thinking about. getting ready for tomorrow's game. they were asked about it. they had this to say about the night life question. >> i haven't thought about that in 12 years. [ laughter ] i couldn't tell you. i still go to l.a. i can pay for a jet and come back on game day or go to vegas. >> yeah. bet he would. scraps to pick up the video on an interesting monday. look at this shot, the yankees,
10:59 pm
that is a great catch. runners at 2nd and 3rd. by the time he slams into the wall and flips the wall, both runners were able to tag and come in to score. an interesting muscle score, they can't get the weight off his bat. i will take care of that. he gets it off and a little pose to go with it. nothing unusual about this shot. a home run for ozuna. the ball goes in the pool. that young man decides i really want a souvenir. it is just a baseball, dude. that is the sport life. warriors tomorrow and near news at 11:00.
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>> closing arguments in a trial 5 years in the making against torres. his defense and the unanswered questions about the disappearance of morgan hill teen. -- [break in captioning] they left no


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